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Lisa Pineda – Online Fitness Coach


My love for fitness is as apparent as my love for ice-cream. You may find me going for runs on local trails, then hitting up the nearest Ice Cream Shop to cool down. My love for fitness began after I became pregnant, at the ripe age of 19. Fitness became my vice as I meandered through life’s stressors, dysfunctional relationships and the most life altering -the loss of my sister-in-law. 

It become very clear to me that fitness was the most consistent crutch in my life to recover from tragedy, stress and everyday life! Realizing how much fitness transformed my life, I knew I couldn’t keep it to myself and had to share with the WORLD my secret drug!!! 

My mission is to help women, especially moms, fit fitness to create a balanced lifestyle. 

“The first step to being healthy is learning to love yourself where you are at today, not where you will be tomorrow” – Lisa Pineda


  • BCRPA Weight Trainer
  • BCPRA Personal Training
  • BCRPA Group Fitness Instructor
  • CPR/First Aid Certifications

Jansper Pineda

Jansper is a competitive basketball player and coach who enjoys playing soccer during his spare time. As an athlete, he understands what the bodies needs are to achieve optimal results. He has years of experience with Nutrition and Supplements both working and also owning Fuel Coquitlam & Burnaby. His knowledge is an asset to his clients as he explains during his sessions what their bodies need and how to train at an athlete level.


  • BCRPA Weight Trainer
  • Supplement Certification 
  • CPR/First Aid Certification 

Jennifer Neumeyer

Jennifer grew up in the competitive dance industry as well as enjoyed being on numerous sports teams. She has shared her love for dance with many young dancers for the past 10 years but it was in 2012 when Jennifer found her true passion. She realized that dance crossed over into the fitness industry from stretching, strength and diet which she had taught for many years.
Jen is consistently reaching for new goals and after completing 2 half marathons, a full one will be now be next on the list to complete. She loves to meet people where they are at in their fitness journey and help them achieve where they want to be through training, nutrition and personal goals.


  • BCRPA Weight Trainer
  • BCRPA Personal Trainer
  • Level B CPR/Emergency First Aid-Community Care
  • Zumba Instructor
  • Zumba Kids/Kids Jr. Instructor

Terri-Ann Sowan


Terri-Ann is extremely passionate about helping others achieve their goals. Having gone through her own health and fitness transformation, she wants to help others meet their goals by providing the right tools, motivation and education. Terri-Ann enjoys pushing herself and always loves a good challenge. She has competed in several BCABBA fitness competitions in Bikini class as well recently completed her first bike, run duathlon and ready to take on another.

Why did she become a personal trainer? To help others become the best and healthiest versions of themselves. Her mission is to motivate and inspire everyone to thrive to their potential.


  • ACE Personal Training 
  • Sports & Exercise Nutrition Certification
  • CPR/First Aid Certification