Jenn’s Favorite Chipotle Chicken



2 sticks of celery
1 Can Black Beans
1 Can Tomato Soup
1 Can of Corn Nibbles
1 Can of Canned Tomatoes
5 Tbsp Garlic
1 Red Onion
1 Heaping TbSP Chili Powder
1 Green Pepper
1 Heaping TBSP Cumin
1/2 Cup of Water 
1 Can of Water 


Chop up and add all above ingredients to your slow cooker and add chicken breasts (as many as people you are serving). Cook on low in a crock pot for 4 hours OR Bake in an oven for 1.5 hrs at 350 degrees. Serve over rice, with cheese, green onions, salsa, tortilla chips or guacamole. 

*Have lime wedges available to squeeze in for a little extra zest to the dish.

Hope you enjoy,

Body Zone Fitness xox