On. The. Clock


On. The. Clock.

 Its been two months now since Miss Livia arrived to the world and we are both working on our bodies. She is working on growing and I am working on shrinking!

We had Livia’s check up two weeks ago when I was officially discharged from my Midwife (Beautiful Babies Midwifery in Port Moody – highly recommend them) and Livia was doing well in all areas. (Baby update over)

Now for the fun stuff… what is it like to be two months postpartum:

The last 8 weeks have been interesting. I have already shared with you that I officially have two massive mountains on my chest, which no bra can tame. During my workouts I am using two sports bras just to keep them in place so I don’t knock myself out.

 Mentally I feel like I am in SO much of a better state than one month ago. I was seriously questioning my ability to raise three children successfully and pondering the what HELL had I done to my life! You know each day gets better but in the moment those days seem so far away. Sleep helps. Regaining human interaction and simply getting out of the house helps. BEING ACTIVE HELP’s a gazillion times. Baby maturing helps. God is good to help provide a little light at the end of this tunnel.

 I am slowly figuring out this breastfeeding with three kids thing. Timing gets tough (hence the name of the blog) but I am extremely fortunate to have a good support system around me that if I am stuck in a pinch I can call on someone to grab one of my kids from school, take them to sports, etc. This has made things go a little more smoothly but I still feel like I don’t have enough hours in the day to complete my “to do” list as everything takes 3x as long. (insert: exhausted sigh)

 Weight loss – I thought I would be tracking and making it more of a priority but truthfully I have been too busy with other things that it hasn’t made it’s way up the ladder yet. I am exercising now regularly for my own sanity and trying to get back to my pre-baby strength and endurance, but if I miss a day – I don’t stress about it. The number on the scale is only a reference point for me. I am not letting it “define” how I feel or disregard my progress. A number is only a number after all.
From my 40th week of pregnancy I sat at 149lbs, my pre-pregnancy weight was 127. I lost most of this within the two weeks dropping down to 134lbs and have since maintained this weight. I will aim to be under 130 again, but I know in good time this will happen.

Sleep and Immune System: Sleep is still broken up 3-4hours between feeds. No judgment moms but I am co-sleeping with my baby. Livia starts in her bassinette and by 2-3am when she wakes up, we snuggle the rest of the night away which allows me to sleep a little more at night. But with the broken up sleep my immune system isn’t as strong. I have had tonsillitis twice now in the past 3 weeks. (Poor me I know!)

 And now the embarrassing moment of post partum:

 I never had “issues” with my two previous pregnancies, so whether it’s age or simply my body is telling me that each baby makes an “impact” I am not sure but I could definitely leave a lot of my symptoms this time behind. But for the sake of pure honesty and for others to not feel like they are alone I will share my embarrassing moments thus far.

 Lochia – if you don’t know what this is… don’t google it. And if you are reader of the opposite sex… I wouldn’t suggest reading further, the stories of my ta-ta’s was over in paragraph three. So the truth is, we all get this “lochia” for 4-6 weeks post partum. It’s not glamorous, nor enjoyable. I felt as though I was walking around in a diaper for the first 2 weeks and then things slowed down a little. At first I thought this isn’t so bad until I started to experience what I would call “peeing” myself, except it wasn’t pee! (I know I was surprised too) My doctor explained that because it’s my third and life isn’t as “simple” as it once was before (thanks Doc for reminding me of what I have to conquer daily… like I didn’t already know) that this extra “lochia” can remain for up to 12 weeks to exit the body. That means I would be wearing a diaper for 12 weeks straight. UMMM ARE YOU FRIGGEN KIDDING ME!

 Luckly, by week 7 things did seem to stop. I was debating on selling my unopened package of Depends on Bidding Wars but wasn’t sure how many “bids” I would get.

 I started my routine back at the gym two weeks ago to only notice two beautiful wet circles on my shirt to share with the world that yes, I am leaking breast milk! To ease the embarrassment I poured water down my shirt to make it look like a just “slayed” my workout.

 Cardio – now this surprised me. Since I was active until week 40 and still running a little, my cardiovascular endurance didn’t seem to be as affected as it was with my two previous pregnancies. So coming back and running a flat 5km was almost enjoyable. But the crunch took me for a ride. With Miss Livia in tow we headed up and down the dreaded 436 stairs the crunch has to offer. By round two my body obviously didn’t like it and proceeded to pee itself. Now, you’d think at this point I’d go home and throw in the towel… but moms let’s face it – to even get out the door takes a good 30minutes to an hour… so I was not about to let a little pee stop my momentum. (Yes, I kept going and just played it off again that it was pure sweat from a killer workout).

 Waist Trainers – Some of you have asked me about my waist trainer. I am using this for a few reasons. It helps with my posture and engagement of abs. It helps to remind me that I need to pull in my core throughout the day and aids in core/back support during my workouts. I don’t wear it every day but I do try to wear it a few times a week. I also use my Sweet Sweat band during my workouts to help increase fat burning on the core and also aid in core support.

 So… here we are 8 weeks post partum. I am adapting to this “new body” of mine and working on slowing down time. I do know this stage will soon pass and I will miss it, as I already miss my pregnant belly.

 I will catch up with you all again in a few weeks. Until then, follow along with my social media for updates.

Lisa xox