Corporate Training

Looking to change your workplace envirnoment, create community amongst your employees, increase productivity? 

Then our Body Zone Corporate Wellness Program is perfect for your workplace.

BZF believes that it is essential for companies to maintain healthy and happy employees.  Encouraging a proactive approach to health and wellness is one of the most resourceful and effective ways employers can reduce absenteeism, workplace stress, enhance employee morale, productivity, employee retention, reduced workers compensation claims and increased overall profit.  With so much money being spent yearly on preventable physical and mental health related illnesses, leading-edge companies are realizing the win-win situation involved when investing in a corporate wellness program.

Save money, save time, boost employee motivation, create a strong organization, build a team bonding experience and help increase energy and health by calling Body Zone Fitness to inquire about our program.

“The sessions have been really great. Could not have done this on my own. To stop now would be criminal. Trainers made the hard work fun…even though my muscles said different the next day.” – Bayshore Health Care