Personal Training

Are you someone who needs weekly accountability?  
Are you someone who needs a trainer face to face to push you past your limits and capabilities to reach your fitness goals?
Then ONE-ON-ONE Personal Training is FOR YOUBECOME the best version of yourself with the assistance of one of our Certified Personal Trainers.  We understand that importance of working with our clients to reach their goals in a way that fitness is enjoyable and maintainable for life!  EVERY training program comes with a complete training module which includes: 

  • Monthly Check-Ins
  • Fitness Testing
  • SMART Goal Setting
  • Weekly In Studio One-On-One Personal Training 

WE strive to make “fitness fit you” by offereing two different training programs:


PRIVATE STUDIO TRAINING: If you are someone who prefers a private environment and need to change up your surroundings then Private Studio Training is perfect for you. Join us at our exclusive, boutique studio in the Burke Mountain Area, where you can sweat it out in a private setting with on of our BZ Trainers. 

IN HOME MOBILE TRAINING: Is getting out of the house too difficult? Is your space time limited? Then take advantage of our In Home Mobile Training, where our BZ Trainers come right to you. 

MAKE today the day you INVEST into your health, wellness and a life of feeling confident in who you are!

APPLY HERE to work with one of our highly skilled BZ Trainers.