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The Evolve Program was crafted with my passion behind watching women evolve to become the best verisons of themselves.

I wanted to create something bigger and better than an 8 week challenge and stop putting pressure on women to transform their lives in a certain period of time. We all have different commitments, lifestyles and limitations so why should we be defined by 8 weeks?

The Evolve program allows women to evolve month after month in their own membership site where they transform their mindset, limiting beliefs, ditch the diet mentality and build a LIFESTYLE that is sustainable now and for years to come.

You gain access to At Home workouts, recipes that make your mouth water, mindset challenges and TONS of badassary.

My favourite part about this entire program is once you are inside you gain access to our private facebook group where all of us grow together, do life together, hold eachother accountable and create a pretty badass tribe every single day!

You are probably wondering if this is for you!

This is for you if you are ready to evolve who you are, create a lifestyle of health and wellness that actually makes you happy. A lifestyle that doesn’t involve guilt, shame, or restriction BUT instead focuses on creating a lifestyle that is actually FUN!

Why a Membership plan:

The Evolve Lifestyle was birthed with watching badass babes continuously transforming week after week in the Mind & Body Evolve 12 Week Program.  Every time I checked in to this group I got so dang excited to read another post of where they were at, watching their WINS are and how their mindsets were shifting.

Each month inside the Evolve Lifestyle you will receive fun bunny hopping new workouts, recipes to up your Martha Stewart skills and mindset modules to re-shift and reframe limiting belief, self worth and self love. 

To me that is the most exciting thing!!!


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It’s only $1.50/day.  $44.95/monthly.

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Lisa xox